Everyday Items under a Microscope (27 pics)

The eye of a needle, threaded with red cotton
50x zoom of human eyelash hairs
1000x zoom-in on a vinyl disc
Blood clot crystals
Coloured scanning electron micrograph of a cat flea
Computer hard disk readwrite head
Common housefly
Dust, magnified 22million times
Ear wax secretion
Ear wax collected on cotton bud fibers
Enteric coated drug delivery capsule
Football shirt material
Guitar string
Mascara brush
Instant coffee granule
Refined and raw sugar crystals
Ruptured capillary
Salt Pepper
The head of a human flea
The larva of a bluebottle fly
Sutured wound
Toothbrush bristles
Torn postage stamp
Used dental floss
20.000x zoom-in on a CD